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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Captain America & Thor Movie Costumes Revealed! What You Think of them?

What you guys think of the New Captain America and Thor Costumes? You Excited for the Movies? You happy or unhappy with them?

1 comment:

  1. Thor: Yes. Cool. Have the movie end with him on Earth.
    Captain America: They found his body AFTER the Avengers were established as a super hero group, in both the original comics AND "The Ultimates," which they seem to be heavily influenced by. Unless they somehow sneak in the start of the Avengers group at the end of the Thor movie (which would feel rushed and weird,) they would have to have the meeting different than any other comics which I don't approve of. I would like there to be an "Avengers" movie, and have Captain America's body found, then Bruce Banner is called in to crack the super soldier serum, he works with Hank and Janet Pym, Captain wakes up, and boom, you've got a super hero movie.
    Just my two cents.