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Thursday, June 23, 2011

BKBN! Podcast Episode 21: Green Lantern Movie Review

BKBN Podcast Reviews the Green Lantern Movie with Special Guest Mandy Realistikkvideos! Subscribe to her by clicking here
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  1. I'm sorry guys, but the movie was not only panned by critics but also by fans. there is a gross misuse of what I call the "Ironman Effect" where every character has something super cutsey or clever to say all the time as well as being oversexed. Robert Downey Jr didnt invent this style of acting but he sure made it popular with comic book movie heroes such as Charles Xavier, Hal Jordan, all the characters from Iron Man 2. now thats not to say I didnt enjoy these films but when it is so over used or worse yet invented for a character, such as with Hal Jordan, I begin to get irate. in the comics he is a force for will power having control over himself to such an extent he can force pure will into hard light constructs. The movie pisses all over this and the true fans. I understand things must be changed for a movie to work, and in your collective opinions it was fine, but to take a stalwart strong willed Hero and turn him into a jokey wise cracking unlikeable son of a bitch with no clear goals in mind, is the equivalent of turning him into the Adam West batman. I was quite surprised there were no light construct onomatopoeias. --boom---pow---suck!
    However even after all this Hal Jordan still wasn't the worst part of the movie. I'm looking at you testicle head.

  2. Hector Hammond aka Testicle Head was one of the worst acted/portrayed super villains since the FF movies Dr Doom, and that's saying alot. i was so surprised that the film makers actually made Hector older looking than the actor portraying his father thanks to his super receding hairline. guess they needed a place to project the dailies. from there the makeup effects just went to a very awkward place by making him look like balls, hairy shriveled up balls. i couldn't even look at the screen, honestly the movie should have been rated R. speaking of situations that made the audience laugh themselves into urination, his girlish yell. god damn it the repulsive yet hilarious shriek of a girl who just discovered a spider in her hair. it was both piercing and awful at the same time. someone should shoot the actor but I'm pretty sure he killed his film career with this movie so it evens out. also its established pretty early on that this guy has mental powers that can seriously fuck your shit u, so why then when he has an opportunity to kill his father he rould-a-bouts it? for example kill him at the party with your mind, or kill him in the helicopter with your mind, or kill everybody with your mind, no he chooses to fuck up the beer supply in a shitty attempt to kill his dad and possibly himself. after this fiasco he is then established to be able to fly, why then i ask you does his second meeting with green lantern have him appear in a wheel chair? He didn't get fucked up that badly and even if he did he can fucking fly!